Welcome! I’m so glad you dropped by.

You have a story about your journey as worship minister/leader. Your heart longs for people to have a worship experience where there’s opportunity for a truly genuine encounter with the Divine. After 25 years as a worship pastor and mentor, working in churches throughout the U.S. and the world, I can say with the highest confidence, that I’m intimately familiar with many of the challenges you face; challenges concerning ministry goals, staff, creatives, congregation and even the daunting detail it sometimes takes to get a worship service off the ground.

My heart is to walk through these challenges with you.

  • Perhaps you're the only one for worship and you're trying to figure everything out
  • Maybe you wish to ignite and unite the teams you already have, and build more of them
  • Perhaps God is calling you to take ministry to the next level

Whatever it is, give me a call. I can help with:

  • worship team building
  • addressing the heart of worship
  • communication between worship team and congregation
  • musicianship training
  • vision casting
  • one on one worship leader mentoring

I will come for a

  • 90 minute talk on worship
  • 1,2 or 3 day worship ministry tune-up
  • prayer summit
  • worship concert (listen to music here)

My number is HERE. When you call you won’t get my staff, you’ll get me. Let's talk about how to take the next steps and get you to where God is calling.




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