The prayer summit is worship but in a way distinct from a praise and worship service. It is prayer (typically anywhere from one to three days) but distinct from a prayer meeting. Rather than one person praying for one thing and then another person praying for something else, everyone prays as a collective. Where one person leaves off, another person picks up. Think of a prayer summit as a place where all of God’s children gather in humility by taking communion, praying through scripture and singing worship songs, laying their requests before Him in the form of one continuous monologue.

What is the outcome of a prayer summit? Picture, if you will, a giant stone door that cannot be moved. No matter how hard we push against it and no matter how many people try to force it, it does not open. And God whispers, “only by prayer”. God answers our requests in His own time and in His own way but if you would like to have the stone door pushed open start with a prayer summit. Give me a call.